Julie and I just wanted to drop you folks a line and let you know how pleased we are with the service we received yesterday when you installed our new A/C system.
As somebody who works in commercial building operations, I would like to commend you on the high level of professionalism displayed by your installers as well as the high quality of their work. I wish there were more companies out there that provided the level of service that Quinte Air Supply does.
Both Julie and I will not hesitate to recommend Quinte Air Supply to anybody requiring HVAC services.

Thanks again for the great service!

Chris & Julie Young

Kevin and Linda were personable and professional. I would not add anything to improve their presentation.

R. Follwell

Caring, courteous professionals. Glad I chose them.

M. Brown

We absolutely love our new furnace and how quiet it is. The exceptional work provided by Quinte Air Supply was something that is definitely appreciated and we would highly recommend their services. When needed, we will definitely use Quinte Air Supply and have another Lennox product to make our home the most comfortable possible. Thank you so very much.

T. Martin

I would like to thank Kevin and his team for the excellent work they did during the installation of my Mitsubishi ductless heat pump units. The installers were very professional and courteous. I was impressed by their attention to detail and I’ve had many compliments on how good the installation and units look. The installers also made an extra effort to ensure the job site was cleaner than when they started the work. In addition, I appreciated that Kevin was on site at the start of the job and that he checked in mid-day to ensure the work was progressing as planned. The next time I need any HVAC work done at my residence Kevin will be the first person I call. Thanks again

I. McPherson

I thought I’d write to tell you that my husband and I are very pleased with the service from your company… we ordered and had installed a new furnace and heat pump. The installers were competent, friendly and did a great job of ripping out the old equipment and beautifully installing the new pieces. Not only were they efficient but when they left, every bit of the tear-out and resultant mess was cleaned up spic and span. They hauled everything away and left a neat and tidy installation, working great and providing heat. Thank you so much… maybe you should start a ‘review’ page, so that new customers who are browsing your site can see testimonials from happy customers!

J. Grant

To Whom It May Concern
I am writing this letter of testimonial for Quinte Air Supply because I was very pleased with the work they did on a number of levels, which I will explain shortly. I would like to mention though that this testimonial was unsolicited by Quinte Air Supply and I am volunteering it completely on my own initiative. As well, any potential customers are welcome to contact me should you have any questions.
My first engagement with Quinte Air Supply occurred several years ago when my air conditioner conked out during a heat wave in the summer. We called a different local heating and air conditioning vendor (which I will keep nameless) and they came and looked at the air conditioner. They advised us that the air conditioner needed to be completely replaced and gave us a quote. We decided to get a second quote and went to yet another vendor (NOT Quinte Air) and they provided us a quote (which to be fair to this second company, is all we asked for). We asked a friend whom they trust in the heating and air business, because we just weren’t comfortable with where this was at. He pointed us to Quinte Air. We did the same thing with Quinte Air as vendor #2 in that we asked for a quote. Kevin came to the house and instead of just quoting us a new air conditioner, he asked if he could look at it and see if it could just be fixed. And this is exactly what he did! Turns our the air conditioner just needed to have a capacitor replaced.
So now it’s a few years later and I’ve decided I want to replace my furnace and air conditioner. My Lennox furnace is 25 years old and I can’t get a number of replacement parts for it and I’m concerned that it will give out in the middle of winter. Also right now, there are both government incentives and Lennox incentives for the purchase of high efficiency air conditioners and furnaces. Kevin and Linda came over to the house and showed us the various options and explained things very accurately and clearly. We thought this over for about a week and came to a conclusion as to what we wanted and worked a deal with Quinte Air. They said they’d be over at 7:30am on Thursday to install it and they were there at 7:22am. By 3:30pm everything was fully installed and running. They were extremely neat and tidy and the installation is absolutely top notch. I can’t be more pleased. I have to say I can’t complain about my old Lennox furnace. It lasted an incredibly long time. However, the new furnace is so much quieter than my old one! The new thermostat is amazing. It tells me the humidity in the house, the inside and outside temperatures, if the furnace is on and even the weather forecast. I can change the temperature via my iPhone. But the biggest thing for me in the whole thing comes back to that capacitor that needed replacing 3 years ago. I know I can trust Quinte Air Supply.

Glenn Lidstone